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I think I discovered a way to make a Gravity Powered Wheel work!

I’ve worked out the math, drawn it up on CAD and have had it checked by various experts and…
It MIGHT work 
(see animation).
The math shows positive torque (and the physicists who have reviewed it haven’t disproved my math).  A 2 foot diameter wheel shows a constant 5 ft/lbs of axle torque… enough to justify building a small prototype!

The CCG Wheel would be simple, low tech (buildable by nearly anyone) and powered by GRAVITY; so would produce power anywhere on the planet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You could put one in every home and business.  We should be able to build them small or large.

The Wiseman’s Wheels eBook contains:
1. Introduction,
2. How the Wiseman’s Wheels concepts were conceived,
3. George Wiseman’s conceptualization drawings,
4. Math that indicates positive torque,
5. Some correspondence with experts,
6. Ideas / thoughts / resources toward designing / building a prototype Wise Wheel.

I’ve started a Wiseman’s Wheels Resources section to accumulate applicable data for replication of the Wise Wheel.
We now have full 2D and 3D CAD drawings (plus PDF drawings if you don’t have CAD) in the Resources (currently worth over $5,000).  You will be able to access the Resources once you buy this Wiseman’s Wheels eBook.

Working Gravity Wheels have been rumored to exist several times in the past few centuries (see research links in the Wiseman’s Wheels Resources).
Vested Interest does conspire to prevent us from having Free Energy.  It’s up to us to make sure it doesn’t get suppressed again.

Please post this Wiseman’s Wheels eBook link to Blogs, Forums, your Facebook, tweets, etc.  Anywhere you think there are people who might be interested in Free Energy and/or Energy Independence.

Wiseman’s Wheels eBook PermaLink is http://www.eagle-research.com/cms/node/4010

Money gained through sale of this eBook goes toward building a prototype and providing / maintaining the Resources needed to help people build their own Wheels.

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I’ve started a Wiseman’s Wheels forum topic for people to help each other replicate the Wise Wheels.  You’ll be able to comment in the forum once you have bought the Wiseman’s Wheels eBook.

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