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CCG Wheel Documents

Information on this page goes from newest (at the top) 
to oldest (as you go down the page)

September 2015
Updated CAD files:
DWG CAD Drawings to manufacture the version 9.3 CCG Wheel.

The project is now over 50% funded and I’ve used the money brought in so far to help pay for CAD, engineering and independent verification of my thinking/math.  This project has, so far, cost over $10,000.
We are well on the way to having a working prototype.

During the process of communication with interested people I’ve received / developed some design / testing tips and while getting parts quotes I ran into some manufacturing issues.

Thus I have consequently modified the CAD files.  Find the explainations and modified files in the Wiseman’s Wheels Resources.

See below that I’ve now included a handle, so that the CCG Wheel can be brought up to speed manually.  It should only take about 60 to 80 rpm to prove it works or not, so the motor shouldn’t be needed for the initial testing.  
60 to 80 rpm is only a little over 1 rotation per second, which is possible to do by hand.
You’ll be able to FEEL, as you crank the handle, if the wheel is starting to ‘self-run’… And if it does ‘self-run’ you’ll be able to take your hand off the handle and it’ll keep going…

I’ve also extended the main wheel stand caps so they are bolted onto the CRs, to help compensate for the centrifugal force (of the weights pushing on the CRs) that will try to push the stands sideways by force through the axle. 

July 2015
Pictures (jpeg renders) of the version 9.3 Wheel.

Some of my conversation with the engineer who made the version 9.3 CAD drawings.  

June 2015
I’m currently getting the CCG Wheel engineered and CAD drawings made.  Here is a rendering of what we’ve done so far, version 9.3 of CCG Wheel:

Initial simple CAD drawing (best I could personally do with my personal TurboCAD)

PDF document to explain Version 9.2 of the CCG Wheel.

pdf of 9.2 CCG Wheel torque spreadsheet.  Sorry it’s spread out but you’ll get the idea.

Original Wiseman’s Wheels eBook.  Archived for posterity.

NapkinNotes to June 1, 2015.  Included so you can see my thinking as I developed these concepts.

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