PARTS Included:

▫ 5 amp fuse & fuse holder
▫ 5 of #10 ring terminal ends
▫ 5 of 1/4” female terminals
▫ 3 of 16-14 ins. butt splice
▫ 2 of full ins. 22-18 fem. discon.
▫ 2 of full ins. 22-18 male discon.
▫ 1 of 5-Amp gauge
▫ 1 of 30 amp relay
▫ 16 gauge red & black stranded wire
▫ 22 gauge wires (various colors)



These are some items listed in the HyZor Assembly Instructions as NOT included with the Basic Kit or the Fully Assembled HyZor.

People can usually acquire these items locally or often already have them, which is why we offer this kit separately from the HyZor itself.

We are providing this Wiring Kit for those people who don’t have time to go looking for the parts.


Additional information

Weight16 oz
Dimensions5 × 2 × 3 in


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