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This HyCO 2DT unit is brand-named ‘Fuelizer’. They are CNC manufactured of aluminum using aircraft-quality standards. Made in USA.

 The HyCO 2DT is a time proven, simple and practical fuel saver that is easily installed on turbocharged engines (diesel or gasoline).

Read all about it (even build your own HyCO 2DT) using our HyCO 2DT Manual.

On a Class 8 diesel truck, Government Standard independent testing showed the HyCO 2DT increased power about 14% while reducing fuel consumption about 10% (click).

Actual power gain and fuel saving depends on the vehicle and it’s operating conditions. Example: a Volkswagen Jetta increased fuel economy 40% when traveling over 70 miles per hour.

Many Class 8 trucks spend over $100,000 in fuel per year per truck (click).  A guaranteed 10%+ fuel reduction would save over $10,000+ in the first year … often doubling the truck’s net income.

Note: Using the PayPal Financing option below may allow you to pay for your HyCO 2DT with the money you are saving in fuel!  PayPal financing is interest free if paid off in 6 months.

Other excellent HyCO 2DT applications are boats, ships and power plants.

Since the HyCO 2DT is turbocharger activated… engines that are idling, or any situation where the turbo is idle, do not get any benefit during that time.  Vehicles that idle a lot, like city busses, are not a good application for HyCO 2DT technology.  For those applications, see our Water as Fuel and HyZor Technology.

• The HyCO 2DT technology has been tested by major diesel engine manufacturers on their own dynos, and is being used, since 1990, by truck drivers all over the World.

• The HyCO 2DT does not void engine or vehicle warranties in North America (click)

• The HyCO 2DT is designed to prevent any possibility of engine damage. In fact, it helps engines run cleaner, cooler and longer.

• The HyCO 2DT requires near zero maintenance and no special attention from the driver. – Install and just drive normally.

• The HyCO 2DT does Not require any modifications or adjustments to the fuel system.
Older diesels don’t require any modification.  Newer diesels may require Combustion Enhancement Interface Technology (CEIT); like EFIE or MAP Enhancer…

• The HyCO 2DT has now been used in trucks, boats and large stationary engines around the world for decades without a single known failure.

• The HyCO 2DT can be moved from engine to engine. As you upgrade, the new truck can be enhanced with the HyCO 2DT, or leave it on the old truck to get a better resale value (higher mileage truck).

•The HyCO 2DT does Not require any additional, ongoing ‘additives’ like tablets or ‘special’ fluids.

•The HyCO 2DT’s function is totally automatic. As you use more power your turbo pressure will rise, more pressure increases the volume of vapors from the HyCO 2DT.  When you return to idle the turbo pressure stops and the HyCO 2DT stops creating the enhancing vapors.

• The HyCO 2DT, pays back your investment, in fuel savings, in less than 5 months (based on average truck fuel expenses) and is designed/built to last for decades with almost zero maintenance.

The HyCO 2DT is not the same device as the HyCO 2A system. The HyCO 2DT uses a different evaporation process and is designed specifically for engines with turbochargers.

Access privileges to the HyCO 2DT online Resources is included with this purchase.

For a limited time, this HyCO 2DT can qualify for rebates of up to $1,000 USD by participating in our Pre-Release/Rebate program.
– More information (click).

For people who find the upfront cost of our fuel savers high for their budget, we now offer a financing option (through PayPal) that may allow you to literally pay for your fuel saving investment with your fuel savings!

Thus you can buy this product at literally NO COST higher than you are ALREADY paying NOW!  Here is a fuel savings calculator to find what your fuel savings should be (click).

The financing is 6 equal monthly payments + a small finance fee.
To get the financing, just purchase the product using the PayPal option as you check out (you’ll need a PayPal account) and the financing option will automatically be presented to you during the normal checkout (payment) process.

After the technology is paid off, your fuel (and money) savings will continue!  So from that point you’ll have ‘extra’ money in your pocket!

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