Extra Humidifier Bracket

USD $15.00

These Humidifier holding brackets weren’t available for the early versions of the AquaCure, so if you don’t have one, it’s handy to have.

They are included with all new AquaCure model AC50 and refurbished model EA-H160.  They include a rubber tape on the back to help stability and prevent damage to the paint.

Some people like to add an ADDITIONAL Humidifier to their AquaCure, to be redundantly sure that no lye is getting into their drinking water or inhalation gas.  In that case you’d buy an extra Humidifier, one of these Humidifier Brackets and the Humidifier Connection Hose to have everything you’d need to add an extra Humidifier in series.

Color or shape might vary depending on product source.

For those that want a Drinking Water jar HOLDER, a customer found one HERE


Additional information

Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3.25 × 6 in


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