Extra 50 mL Syringe

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Because it eventually wears out, gets stuck, broken or lost.

Some people remove the Tower Cap to refill the AquaCure with water.  Don’t Do This!

You MUST use the syringe to fill the AquaCure through the Tower Cap duckbill valve.  There are several reasons for this, see the Tower Cap Kit for complete details but a couple of reasons:

1. I design the AquaCure to last at least 20 years.
The Tower Cap threads are plastic and NOT designed to be taken on and off every few hours.  The Tower Cap is only designed to be removed for the occasional maintenance rinsing.

2. The Duckbill Valve in the Tower Cap needs to be cleaned regularly and squirting water into / through the duckbill keeps it clean, so lye crystals don’t cause the valve to plug up (causing backfilling) or lock open (gas leak).

The syringe also helps ‘seal’ the duckbill if it’s having trouble, by pulling backward (putting a vacuum on the duckbill to seal the lips).

Also, DO use the Humidifier water to fill the AquaCure, because any Lye that comes out with the gas gets trapped in the Humidifier water, and putting that water back into the AquaCure also puts the Lye back into the AquaCure (where it belongs).


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Weight 1.3 oz
Dimensions 6.75 × 2 × 1.5 in


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