Extra Tower Cap Kit

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The ‘kit’ includes The fully assembled Tower Cap with fittings included and tested.  Also a syringe, for water filling and duckbill maintenance; a roll of Teflon Tape (for sealing the threads) and a plastic cap (to seal the gas out fitting when appropriate).

Why Make a Tower Cap?

  1. To pre-separate the lye mist from the gas.During electrolysis, as the gas bubbles ‘pop’ out of the surface, they create a ’spray’ that becomes a ‘mist cloud’ that forms over the surface.  This mist contains lye in the water droplets.  These lye filled droplets of water usually go out with the HydrOxy Gas and need to be scrubbed from the gas.  They also carry lye out of the machine that’s supposed to stay in the machine.  Our innovative The Tower Cap solves this issue by providing the HEIGHT needed for most of the mist to settle down, pre-separating the lye mist from the HydrOxy gas.
  2. To by-pass potential sludge-block issues. (bypasses the various gas channels).The VING chassis we are using to make these models of AquaCure were originally designed to fuel a micro-torch and we want to maintain that functionality, for amazing reasons we’ll make clear once there are a few thousand machines out in the public.But the original gas channels are prone to plugging with sludge and the Tower Cap completely bypasses that issue, giving the HydrOxy gas a clear unobstructed path out of the machine.

    3. To be able to see if there is foaming.

    If the electrolyte (lye solution) becomes contaminated with any kind of oil, the resulting bubbles won’t ‘pop’ and foam will be created.  The foam will rise off the surface and flow out of the machine.  The foam film is essentially liquid and has a lot of lye in it; thus lye is being ejected from the machine.  So foam is bad and requires dumping the contaminated electrolyte and mixing a new batch.  The tall transparent Tower Cap allows you to see if there is foaming BEFORE the foam actually exits from the machine.

    4. To reduce maintenance (bypasses the steel filter on the front)

    By having the Tower Cap, we are able to simply and efficiently remove most of the lye from the HydrOxy, so the first ‘filter’ becomes redundant.  By eliminating one of the ‘containers’ that would normally need to be maintained (water changed) every 10 hours, we minimized the ongoing maintenance.

    The water in the humidifier (the current ’scrubber’) is EXACTLY the right amount of fluid needed to refill the AquaCure when it gets low on water… The humidifier water would also contain any trapped lye, so using that water to refill the AquaCure not only assures that the humidifier gets fresh water often, it also puts any trapped lye back into the AquaCure.

    So the perfect solution to both maintenance and efficiency.

    5. To help prevent over-filling

    You can SEE if the water level is (far) too high, before it comes out of the machine, spilling out lye solution.  This is important because the sight tube hose can become plugged with sludge, which makes it ‘miss-read’.  The plug can be cleared, but it’s good to have a system that prevents a mess in the meantime.

    The Tower Cap height is generally not a problem because these machines aren’t usually placed on counters that have cabinets above them.  People need to have them close to where they sit, for inhalation, so tables (or utility cart) near chairs, couches or beds.

    6. To re-apply a better solution

Note that the Tower Cap is NOT a ‘new’ development.  We developed the Tower Cap concept after years of research and put it on our very first HydrOxy for Health machines (the ER50) back in 2007.  We’ve only recently figured out how to apply the Tower Cap to the China Chassis machines.
It’s a simple, reliable solution for several issues… And one that no one else (to date) uses.


Additional information

Weight 14.6 oz
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 3 in


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