Pressure Regulator

USD $100.00


(works with air and propane too)

These acetylene regulators are similar to the Victor SR 260 Series. Medium capacity compact single stage construction. 
The gas ports in the regulator are 1/4″ FPT, so you can use common fittings to adapt the regulator as you see fit.




It has hundreds of applications including:

  • Acetyleneand other torch fuels (‘normal’ use)
    ~ welding, brazing, soldering, cutting, etc.
  • Compressed airprojects (by Eagle-Research)
    ~ Water Injection (control water pressure with air pressure).
    ~ Air Purge (prevent backfires when using BG on CNC)
    ~ and use as a ‘normal’ air regulator (just higher quality)
  • Propane(replace old propane regulator)
    ~ control propane appliances better by knowing exact pressures.
    ~ mix propane and Brown’s Gas together for more efficient combustion.
  • Dimensions: ~ 6-3/8″ W x 5-1/8″ H x 4-1/4″ D ~ (16.5 cm x 13 cm x 11 cm)
    • Weight: …….. about 2 lb. 15 oz. (1.4 kg)
    • Forged brass body and housing cap
    • 2″ gauges
    • Stem type seat mechanism
    • 1-3/4″ diaphragm
    • Body……………….Forged Brass
    • Diaphragm………Fabric Reinforced Neoprene
    • Housing Cap…..Forged Brass
    • Maximum Inlet: 400 PSIG
    • Delivery Range: 2-15 PSIG
    • UL Listed

***Normal RETAIL price: $256.00
So, you know this is a great deal!!!***

I buy the complete torch-kits (to send out with my WaterTorches) from my local Air Liquide dealership. Air Liquide sells Victor torch-kits that are ‘branded’ with the Air Liquide name. 

They are brand new (most in original packaging) and none have been used.

Why are these regulators for sale?

I’m an inventor and I’ve been accumulating these acetylene regulators for years, as a by-product of one of my inventions. 

When I send a torch-kit out with one of my ER1200 WaterTorch there is no reason to send the acetylene regulator. 

The ER1200 WaterTorch eliminates the need for acetylene by using Brown’s Gas instead; and theER1200 WaterTorch is internally pressure regulated so there is no need for an external regulator.

I kept the regulators because they are useful for many projects that use gasses like air and propane. Now I have more than I need, so I’m selling them.

Additional information

Weight 34.4 oz
Dimensions 6.38 × 5.125 × 4.25 in


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