Electrolyte (lye) Powder


Each bottle contains over 200 grams, enough for 2 fills of the AquaCure AC50 which should last for over 5 years.


Where can I get Lye?

I purchase my lye in bulk with special order at my local hardware store.  Lye used to be available in most grocery stores and hardware stores but police campaigning has mostly removed it from those sources (it’s used to make Meth).

Lye (aka NaOH, sodium hydroxide and caustic soda) can be purchased online in quantity and cheaper than we sell it.

Just order 99%+ pure lye online.
It does not need to be ‘food grade’ as nothing about the lye touches ‘food parts’.  That’s for cleaning dairy pipes, etc.
99% pure is OK, food grade is just a bonus.

For example:

For Australian users I found the correct Lye which has no impurities added for cleaning drains and that is “Glitz” Caustic Soda and is readily available at “Bunnings ” Warehouse.

For the model EA-H160, you put in maximum 1 ounce of lye.

For the model AC50, four ounces is the MAXIMUM to put in the machine at one time.

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Weight 7.05479 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 2.5 × 6 in


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