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3. Can the Carburetor Enhancer burn the valves?

A. It is theoretically possible because this is a method to custom tune the air:fuel ratio of the engine.
However, in many thousands of installations on all types of carburetors (by myself and self-install customers) since 1984, there has not been a single report of any kind on engine damage using the Carburetor Enhancer.  
The Carburetor Enhancer typically causes the engine’s exhaust to be significantly cooler.

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2. When should I add the electronic upgrade to the Carburetor Enhancer?

A. Add the electronic upgrade after you get the basic Carburetor Enhancer working. You need the ‘basic’ version working or the ‘upgrade’ will not do you any good.
The electronic upgrade allows the Carburetor Enhancer to automatically ‘custom tune’ your carburetor as you drive, for maximum efficiency and performance.
The electronic upgrade gives your carburetor the ‘oxygen sensor’ fuel feedback control enjoyed by fuel injection systems.  
Parts cost between $60 and $150 depending on where you get them and it takes about 16 hours to build and install.
Whatever gains you got with the basic Carburetor Enhancer, this generally doubles them. Thus if you got a 25% gain from your original mileage, you may expect another 25%.  
This technology was applied to (on an OEM level) to police carburetors just before the vehicle factories switched to fuel injection.
For carburetors, it is ‘state-of-the-art’ efficiency enhancement and you can build it yourself. 
Only the basic Carburetor Enhancer is needed to get economy gains out of the HyCO 2A, ER HyZor and Water Injection.
You can skip the Electronic Upgrade to the Carburetor Enhancer (or add it later) if you want maximum fuel gains.

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11. Can I talk to WaterTorch customers?

A. We do not give out people’s contact information without their permission.
We are working to put together such a list. We need the person’s permission, ability to have them revoke their permission and a user-friendly way to put such a list on our website.  We are working in reverse order, currently upgrading our website, then we’ll ask permission of the hundreds of people using our WaterTorch technology.
Please understand that most people buy or build machines don’t want to be overrun by information seekers.
We do encourage open sharing of experimental results and are working to share these on our websites.

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How can hydrogen and oxygen be mon-atomic?

At this time, I’m working with two theories.

1. The H and O atoms are still in the water molecule form but the water molecule has been encouraged to soak up electricity like a sponge soaks up water. The electrically charged water molecule then turns into an electrically expanded gaseous (explosive) form of water that is not steam.

2. The H and O atoms are split from the water molecule and prevented from recombining into H2 and O2 because they entered a ‘gaseous structure’ which Yull Brown called a “gaseous crystal’, George Wiseman called ‘electrically expanded water’ and Professor Santilli calls ‘magnecules’.

The actual fact may be a combination of these two theories.

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12. What about Dennis Lee?

A. No one owns any valid ‘right’ to all Brown’s Gas technology. All valid patents have expired and Yull Brown allowed the name to be public domain.
Dennis Lee has, in the past, laid claim to any and all sales of anything related to “Brown’s Gas”.
In my experience, this is a typical Dennis Lee statement; starts with a small fact and stretches it into virtual-reality.
He has the right to sell the ‘China’ version of Yull Brown’s machines in the USA; nothing else. I understand he got that right by by-passing Yull Brown, (after having Yull Brown teach him about the technology) by sending the Chinese a tape which had Yull Brown saying bad things about them.
Eagle-Research Brown’s Gas Technology (documented in our Books) is completely different and developed independently of Yull Brown and Dennis Lee.
Eagle-Research is advancing the public use of Brown’s Gas faster than any previous entity. We have made our technology public domain, including details on how to home-build the world’s most efficient machines.