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Why do some HyCO 2DT Manual details seem to be missing?

A. The original HyCO 2DT Manual ‘as written’ was to be the Installation and Operation Manual for our early 1990s version of the HyCO 2DT.  We designed the Manual to be included when selling fully assembled HyCO 2DTs, so construction details were not needed.
Because we did not, for many years, have a fully assembled HyCO 2DT; we updated the HyCO 2DT Manual to include construction details you’ll need as the (now) last two pages in each book, converting it into a ‘How-To’ book for DIY enthusiasts.
The update details items like the hole sizes in the ball.  
We do sell the HyCO 2DT ball, to help customers who are building their own HyCO 2DT.
We now have fully assembled HyCO 2DTs for sale (subject to inventory).

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