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When do I add the HyCO 2A system?

A. For carbureted vehicles, add the HyCO 2A system only after you get the basic Carburetor Enhancer working.
Often, people find the basic Carburetor Enhancer gives sufficient mileage gains and the pollution reduction for their needs.  In any case, the HyCO 2A won’t give any gains until you have a functional Carburetor Enhancer.
The HyCO 2A, installed with the Carburetor Enhancer, with it’s electronic upgrade, will often double the mileage of most vehicles (from original mileage). So an example of 10 mpg is now 20 mpg.
For Electronic Fuel Injection vehicles, add the EFIE (on each oxygen sensor before the catalytic converter) and a MAP enhancer (on your MAP and or MAF sensor) before installing the HyCO 2A.   With Fuel Injected vehicles, the gain is often 50% over original mileage.  So 10 mpg would be 15 mpg.
Here is a chart, to help you choose between the HyCO 2A and HyZor technologies.
Here is a calculator to find out how much money you’ll save.Adjust the percentage to fit whatever technology you are using. 

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