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What Distiller do you recommend?

The AquaCure requires distilled water to operate efficiently and for extended times.  In fact, NOT using distilled water is cause for invalid Warranty.

Many of the AquaCure owners have had issues finding reasonably priced distilled water, or in some cases, any distilled water at all…
And I’ve told them a simple solution is to buy a home water distiller.

They’d then reasonably ask… What distiller would YOU recommend?  To which I didn’t have a useful answer because I just built my own distillers whenever I needed one.

So a while ago I set out on an exploration of the internet, to find out what was out there and found a wide variety, from home build plans to distillers costing from $100 to over $5000.  I narrowed my search to qualities that would be reasonable in a home of anyone using an AquaCure.

There are lots of good options… Frankly you can go in the $150 range and find quite a few that will be adequate… But (as an expert in water and distillers) what would I recommend?

Virtually ANY distiller will work and you can find plenty of options on Amazon or eBay (Do check out the reviews).

The one that really got my attention was:
(and I have three in my home) but they went on moratorium (for an upgrade) and are JUST coming back onto the market. 

I’ll get a shipment about the beginning of October, 2020
(I hope)

Recent research shows the WaterWise to be a good one.

One feature I REALLY like on the above distillers is the delayed distillation vented technology to get rid of the ‘initial’ volatile organic substances.

But if you want Stainless Steel and Glass I’d choose this one:

They even have a payment plan.

In the meantime, you can buy distilled water in any pharmacy, in most grocery stores and in many automotive supply stores (to put in lead acid batteries).

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