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Water Charging FAQ

How long does it take to ‘charge’ the water?

I recommend at least 10 minutes per liter (quart).  It helps quicker saturation to make the bubbles as fine as possible.

At 100% it takes 10 minutes to fully infuse a liter of water.
If you use more liters, increase time by 10 minutes per liter.
If you reduce duty cycle increase time appropriately (as 50% duty cycle is twice the time or 20 minutes per liter).

Additional question regarding the AC50, will bubbling the drinking water at 40% achieve the same potency as 100% if it is just bubbled longer?


If yes, how much longer is that?

In direct ratio to the %.  So bubbling at 40% would require (100/40) = 2.5x longer.

How long does the water stay ‘charged’?

How long does the water stay ‘charged’?

I say the ‘goodness’ is half gone in 24 hours (a 1 day half-life), if in a sealed container (sports bottle) and kept at normal room temperature.  ‘Goodness’ includes the hydrogen, ExW, frequencies, electron energy, etc.

The water traps it fairly well, but it will eventually escape even through glass, metal or plastic.

If left in an unsealed container, the goodness will be half gone in as little a 2 hours.

The Goodness lasts longer at cooler temperatures and if stored in aluminum containers (You can buy aluminum pouches from Japan).   Personally, I don’t use aluminum.

The water is MOST beneficial immediately after being infused with the HydrOxy. 

So storing too much is counter-productive.  It should be drank (used) ASAP after bubbling.

So I personally make 2 liters (quarts) in the morning as I inhale the HydrOxy.  It takes about 10 minutes to infuse the HydrOxy into the water.   I drink the first liter immediately (that’s my breakfast) and then make a second liter as I continue to inhale, which I put into my 1 liter sports bottle to drink during the day.

If I get to it or it’s a hot day or if I’m exercising, I make and drink more.

I don’t do hydrogen tablets or take supplements, but if I did, here are my opinions:

Can I add ice cubes to the drinking water?

1. Can ice be added to the bubbler water once I put it into a closed drinking bottle without losing potency of the Brown’s Gas?

Until the ice melts, yes.  Then the ‘fresh water’ will dilute it.  So make the ice cubes from BG bubbled water.

Can I add minerals to the drinking water?

2. Same for my other additives:

            I add ReMag, a kind of liquid magnesium which I sip throughout the day. In the same bottle are a 1/4 tsp of sea salt, & 2 drops of peppermint essential oil.   The essential oil could be eliminated, as it’s only for taste.  But, the Remag and salt are for deficiency in mg, and general mineral balance.

Generally you can add most anything, but a lot of additives / supplements become unnecessary when supplementing with hydrogen because the base deficiency was the hydrogen.

Combining such things is OK.  It’s when people combine ‘water’ with diuretics like coffee and tea that it becomes an issue.

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