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Sleeping while breathing HydrOxy FAQ

I can’t feel the gas coming out of the cannula

I wanted to make sure that it’s safe to sleep with the machine on and do it for eight hours at a time, every night. 

Yes.  It’s designed to do that.  Top it up (carefully) before sleep and it’ll last all night.

Be sure your filter, humidifier and bubbler have fresh water in them (to scrub the gas).

My biggest caution would be to take care to sleep in a static free environment.  Some ways to do that are to have the the room humidity up in as least the 50% range (but not as high as 70% because of mold) and to use natural bedding materials (that don’t ‘generate and store’ an electric charge.
Because static electricity can ignite the HydrOxy.

I can’t feel the gas coming out of the cannulas.

I can’t imagine that anyone could feel the gas coming out of the cannulas even at full volume, because the gas volume is Very Small compared to normal inhalation.  

Think of it this way… Can you feel your normal inhalation? …Most people BREATHE about 7 or 8 liters per minute and don’t feel that volume of airflow (except maybe as a ‘coolness’).  
If you don’t feel 100% of the air you normally inhale, how can you expect to feel a difference of only 3% of that?

The ONLY practical way to know if gas is coming out the cannula is to submerge the prongs under water… and YES it’ll only bubble out of one prong, which one depends on which has the least resistance when under water.

Most times the gas will come out of one of the prongs, depending on which one has the least resistance under water.  It comes out of both hoses when in the nostrils.

It is a GOOD IDEA to occasionally check the gas production (out the cannulas) because you can have a leak at the bubbler (like bubbler lid not closed tightly) and while it LOOKS like you are getting gas (because the Drinking Water Bubbler is bubbling) you are NOT (the lid of the DWB could be leaking).


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