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Q ~ Why is your shipping cost so high?

We also get people asking why our shipping costs are so high.  These costs are quoted to you when our website queries the USPS or Canadian Post website (which website depends on your shipping address).  
Depending on the product, some is manufactured in the USA and some in Canada.  Eagle-Research has businesses in both countries.  
Canadian and International orders are shipped from Canada.  I constantly watch the costs and find them to be pretty accurate.  Believe me, I wish they weren’t so high too.
USA orders will have the USA postage on them because they are couriered to a USA post office and then mailed in the USA.  Thus USA orders will ‘show’ postage on the box which is less than the actual cost of shipping.  Actual USA shipping cost includes courier and customs expenses, which the Eagle-Research website calculates when you place your order.   See FAQ “Why do you state 6 week delivery” (click) to understand why we need the courier.
Thank you for your order.  Your dollars help fund the research you are interested in and we spend them as wisely as we can.  Please have patience, your order actually gets to you as fast as practical.
I hope this answers your questions.  Feel free to email myself or the mail room if you have questions that require a personal touch (click)

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