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Q ~ Why don’t you answer the phone?

Phone Policy:
We don’t post our phone number because we are primarily an R&D business and (several years ago) we stopped answering the telephone.

(It’s a message only service now).  
We do NOT return calls unless it is an emergency (for us).  Not even to take an order.
After 25 years, I figured out that answering the telephone wasn’t worth the time it cost us.  I’ve found that if people have unrestricted access to us, we spend far too much time on the phone and it slows down productivity.  Also I communicate with too many people to remember conversations.  I need the written ‘backup’ so I can re-familiarize myself with the context of the situation.  eMails are perfect for this AND can be answered day or night as I get moments of time..
If someone wants to place an order they can place it online via our eStore; this really helps us because the customer knows their address, etc., and spends their time getting it right.  This allows our small team to get research and manufacturing done, serve a LOT more people and provide services/resources (via the internet) that just can’t be equalled using the telephone.
Since I deal with thousands of people, email is much more effective for me.  I get to answer when I get time and the ‘conversation’ is written so I can ‘follow’ or ‘review’ any particular correspondence quickly.  
Also, questions that are written, and I provide a written answer for, can then be included in these FAQ so that people no longer need to ask me directly, they can help themselves.
Questions that require my personal attention and talking can be answered by Skype.

I (George Wiseman) write and experiment in the mornings and am available for Skype consults Monday-Thursday from 2PM to 4PM Pacific time, when in the office.
Please remember that we are a small R&D business.  We take care of customer orders two (usually alternating) weeks a month and try to spend the rest of the time making product and doing research.  
This means that it may be some time before we can address customer issues.  We’re aware this causes customer inconvenience, but after many years of trying different configurations this seems to be the best balance to cover the need for research with the need to take care of our customers.  
Please understand that if we don’t get research time, we won’t continue to improve our world class alternative energy technology.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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