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Q ~ User Account FAQ

Eagle-Research User account FAQ
For those people who want us to change their email addresses for eNews subscription and/or for their Eagle-Research User Account:
Do to double-opt-in standards our web-host (ISP) maintains, we need you to change your own email address.  
Find instructions on how to get into your account below:
This FAQ is intended to provide general help for people who are having these difficulties with their user account.  
~ Logging in
~ password reset
~ username change
~ Update email address
~ Access eBook downloads (after purchase)
~ Access Resources (after purchase)
~ Subscribe to the Eagle-Research eNotices
If this information doesn’t resolve your issue, please contact me with as much detail as possible so that I can help you. 
Details such as:
First and Last name
ER account username and the email address used to create the account
If placed an order or questions about Resources: the order number, date of order, what was ordered, the address it was sent to.
Logging in:
The login page is at 
Once you enter your username and password, you will be able to access your account.
Once logged in, go to ‘My Account’ (under your name in the sidebar), then click the ‘Edit’ tab.
Change whatever information you wish and then VERY IMPORTANT… click the ‘Save’ button before going to another page or tab.  If you don’t clich SAVE (at the bottom of the page) the ER website will NOT save your changes.
In your account you can:
1. Personalize / update your profile (you decide what is kept private, we do NOT give out personal information).
This includes changing your username, password and eMail address, etc.  (We prefer if YOU change your email address, to prevent plishing)
You have the option to change your shipping address when you place an order (otherwise there is no need and no accessable option).
2. Subscribe / unsubscribe to / from the Eagle-Research eNotices.  (eNotices allow us to inform you of new products, upgrades, deals, interesting and timely news)
3. Check on your order(s) status.
4. Access your eBook downloads (be sure to download them before they expire).
5. Access your online Resources (you must be logged into your account or the website will not unlock the Resources you’ve purchased)
If you don’t see access to downloads and/or Resources you think you should have, BE SURE you are using the correct user account.  Sometimes people start second accounts by accident (they changed email addresses) and all their access privileges were left behind, attached to their original account.  
There is no need to have multiple accounts.  Instead of starting another account you can simply change your email address in your original account.  For those people who now have multiple accounts, we CAN still consolidate them into one (for everyone’s simplicity).
Retrieve Username / Password:
We can’t tell you your password, it’s encrypted and no one can view it, not even us.  If you don’t know it, no one does.  Please do NOT send your password to us (anyone).  We don’t need it to access your account and will never ask you for it.  We have a master password (that changes from time to time) that allows us access to any user account.
If you can’t get into your user account because you don’t know your username and/or password; 
You can reset your password and retrieve your username at any time by clicking ‘Request new password’ on the login page at 
All you need to do is enter the email address you signed up with (or your username), and an email with a one-time link will be emailed to your registered email address.  Click on that link to get into your account… and once in your account you can change the username and/or password to anything you desire.
!!!! BE SURE to click “SAVE” !!! after any changes or the website will NOT remember your changes!!!!
Note: If you have no access to the email address your account is setup under, so cannot retrieve your username or password, we can manually change the registered email once you answer enough personalized questions to convince us that you are the person who set up the account (this is to prevent having someone else pretend they are you and getting access to your account).  Send us enough details so that we can find the right account and we’ll ask any additional questions we feel are needed to confirm your identity (you can’t be too careful these days).  We’ll be asking questions like:
1.  What is your phone number (so I can verify it against the phone number you put into your profile)
2.  What is the mailing address we mailed your last order to?
3.  What was the order number of your last order?
4.  What was the total amount charged for your last order?
5.  List two of the items you purchased from eagle-research in your last order.  Etc.
When you can verify your identity for us, we’ll change your account email address, then you can ask the eStore for the ‘one time’ link and it’ll be sent to your new email address. 
Update your username, email address, password:
Once in your account, click on the ‘Edit’ tab and you’ll see where to change all these (and more) account details.
Access eBook downloads, Resources access and view order status:
Once in your account, you’ll immediately see where you can click to view all of the above.
Once you have downloaded the eBook to your computer, you should be able to open it with most PDF viewers.  Our eBooks do not require a password to open them to read.  If your PDF viewer is saying it needs a password then go to:
and get the FREE adobe reader for your computer and operating system.  It will work perfectly with our eBooks without a password.
Our eBooks ARE secured to dis-allow changes or printing.
Log out and log back in again.
The ER website automatically logs off users that have been inactive for a period of time (it’s part of the security protocol).  Most web browsers ‘cache’ viewed pages.  So you may think you are logged in because you are looking at a page that was cached in your browser when you were logged in, but in reality you are not logged in so get ‘access denied’ error messages.
Speed tip: stay logged out unless you need to be using one of your user privileges.  The website caches the ‘general public’ pages for quick viewing by anyone but has to build a ‘custom’ page each time for each user.  So when you are logged in, the pages will take longer to load.

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