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Q ~ Do you make a kit to run on just hydrogen?

A. Not yet.
There are rumors about inventors that have accomplished this dream and they seem to have been suppressed.  
Here at Eagle-Research we are trying to duplicate past successes and distribute the technology directly to the public.
There will be NO patents and our ‘public domain’ books assure that no one else will be able to get a patent either.
We are finding that this ‘no-patent’ technique ‘bypasses’ traditional vested interest suppression and actually gets working technology out to the pubic.  
In our ‘Water as Fuel’ experiments we’ve had projects that spontaneously worked for short periods of time.
We still don’t know the ‘key’ to making a practical ‘water fuel’ system.  
The most practical we have is the HyZor Technology and our Water Injection Manual which allow engines to run partially on water. Depending on the fuel, we’ve seen reports as high as 90% water.

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