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Q ~ Can you declare a lower shipping value?

We do ship to everywhere in the world.
I’m so sorry to hear that several countries have heavy import taxation.
(Some even tax the shipping cost)
I (George Wiseman) have issues with declaring a lesser than true ‘customs’ value on any package.
1. My international shipping reputation.  I already get heavily scrutinized by Vested Interest (that control various government agencies) that would just LOVE a reason to shut me down.  
I operate my business 100% truthfully and ethically not only because it’s the right thing to do morally, but because I’m unwilling to pay the ‘price’ of getting caught doing anything that could be construed as fraudulent. 
2. Shipping Insurance. Packages do occasionally get lost, stolen, damaged, etc.  I can only insure the packages for the value I claim.
3. Accounting.  It becomes a nightmare when columns don’t add up because values differ.  Such issues cause my bookkeeper extra time which costs me money (her time) and my time (as she goes over discrepancies).  
I like to keep things simple so I can get on with the research that creates these world-class solutions.  Truth is simple.

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