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Q ~ Can I run my vehicle on water?

A. Not with our technology at this time.
We are currently concentrating on the type of technology that enhances carbon-based fuel combustion.  See this PDF for a full explaination (click)
We are researching several ‘Water as Fuel’ options.   We have reason to believe that water CAN be used as a fuel, but we do not, yet, know how to do it.
NOTE: for people wanting to run vehicles on water, Les Banki says”It never ceases to amaze me just how much unnecessary trouble people are willing to go to, while a simple solution is ‘staring them in their faces’!
I am referring to my WFGP design which has been in public domain for close to a year now!
Anyone who has taken the time to STUDY it would/should know that I don’t need to go to great complexity in order to separate the gases, I don’t need water injection, ultrasonic transducers, I don’t need plasma ignition, I don’t need “Deuterium grade HHO”, I don’t need high frequency pulsing or any other “fancy” stuff either!
In short:  A simple, high efficiency multi-cell electrolyser (like the HyZor Technology) – coupled with the correct engine management process – does the job.Period.”
I´m in contact with Les Banki from Australia, he’s converted small gensets to running on Brown’s Gas (HHO) only.  He has posted for public use the circuits and manuals how to do it, how to RETARD the ignition timing and how to deal with preignition spark…Summary of his project here:
There are many ways to produce Brown’s Gas (HHO) at greater efficiencies than Faraday Law.  Many people try to replicate the complicated system of Stanley Meyer.Here is a simple and straight forward system to auto tune resonance: here:

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