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Lubrication or Replacing the Cooling Fan

First, as long as the fan is spinning ‘noise’ doesn’t matter to it’s function.
But I can understand that it is annoying.

Most fans do not need to be replaced, just lubricated.

We recommend a product called Fluid Film

To fix, take the lid off (I won’t void your warranty for following my instructions).

4 handle screws and 4 screws on each side, (put them in a bag to prevent loss).
You may see the plastic ring around the fill stem come unsnapped as you lift off the cover.  I’d ‘resnap’ it together now so it’ll be properly in place when you replace the cover.

Be CAREFUL when running the machine when the cover is off (to test for fan operation).  The electrolyzer side is low voltage 28 VDC and the power supply side is high voltage.

There is slight danger of electrical shock on the high voltage side of the firewall (the electrolyzer is on the low voltage side of the firewall.  When not actually running the machine (with cover off) you can unplug the power to the AquaCure to be SURE there is no electrical risk.

Then with the hood off (because it’s easier to lubricate from the inside), push the fan ‘out’ a bit to open up a gap so that you can spray the fluid film into the gap.  Spin the fan and spray again.

This will lubricate the inner bushing and should eliminate the noise.

Best to lubricate it from the inside of the machine.  No fan removal is required.  Just push or pull the fans out, to reveal a gap that you can spray the Fluid Film into and all ‘grinding or squealing noise’ should disappear.

If needed, we can send you a replacement fan.
Changing out a fan is pretty straightforward.  Screwdriver level skill.

The fan itself is fairly obvious to replace, four screws to undo.

If changing out the fan, when pulling the connector off the circuit board, be sure to pull on the connector and not the wires.  The ‘plug’ fits into the ‘receptacle’ on the board, pries up the plug out of the receptacle with a flat screwdriver.

In the newer versions of the AquaCure, the fan connector is located behind the surface circuit board.  You can clip off the zip ties to remove the surface board, and then use fresh zip ties to re-mount it. 

Take care that when you remount it, that none of the exposed electrical connections on the back will touch metal.

Be sure to replace the fan so that it’s blowing air INTO the machine.  The fan is mounted so that the specifications label faces into the AquaCure.

When you replace the AquaCure hood, taking care NOT to strip out the chassis threads.  

It helps to put in the handle screws first, then the bottom screws, then the middle screws (push the tin in tight by hand when putting in the center screws, do NOT depend on the screw to ‘pull’ in the tin).

Don’t tighten the screws so much that they strip out.  Just hand tight is good enough.

If looking for a quieter fan

You would want a 4” fan, operating from 24VDC.  The current one draws 0.02 Amps (20 milliamps)

If needed, we can send you a replacement, but this is likely a better fan, because it has ball bearings instead of a sleeve.

Replacing with a new fan will require the skill of connecting the new fan to the original wiring, which is straightforward if there are two wires.  

If more than two wires on the new fan (it’s quite common for multiple speed fans) then connect the ground (usually black) and then find which of the other wires is the full speed wire to connect the red wire to.

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