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Gasoline vs Diesel?

Comparing gasoline vs diesel of similar displacement which engine would have the greater potential for fuel economy?
That is too broad a question to answer generically.  The short answer is… Diesel has more BTU per volume, so potentially can have higher mpg… but the technology to realize the potential, in a practical manner, is usually more costly.But there are many other factors to consider as well, like 1. fuel adaptability (being able to run multiple types of fuel or have a hybrid) or2. fuel independence (like making your own alcohol, bio-diesel, bio-gas, hydrogen, etc.) or 3. fuel availability (like being able to draw from city gas pipeline or a natural gas well) or4. what you need a vehicle for (its purpose), what kind of vehicle will it be, 5. how often, when and how far it will be driven, 6. how it will be driven (slow vs fast, stop and go, highway, hills, etc.) to determine the most efficient drivetrain and fuel saver configuration;which may factor into what are the best choices for YOU.To direct you to the most effective fuel savers for your vehicle, I’d need to find out what you intend to ultimately accomplish, how much budget you have, what are your skills, what tools do you have, space to work in, your knowledge level of various fuel saving potentials and options available to you, etc.
I can’t have a valid opinion suited to you unless I know much more about your situation.  You can consult with me by going here:
For a quick inexpensive generic answer, you can just follow these links.
There is a ‘self-guided’  PDF flowchart to help you choose the right fuel saving technology for the vehicle you currently have or are considering.
Here is a calculator to find out how much money you’ll save.Adjust the percentage to fit whatever technology you are using. 

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