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Can I use H2O2 or MMS with BG?

Do NOT use BG and MMS (or H2O2) together.

They are good but opposite technologies.

MMS is an ‘oxidizer’ and BG (hydrogen electrons) neutralizes oxygen free radicals… So they’d cancel each other out.

Best to use the MMS first, then a couple of hours later, after the MMS has done it’s job, do the BG.

MMS and BG are both great technologies but incompatible (if used at the same time) because MMS is an mild oxidizer (kills pathogens by grabbing electrons from them using electron deficient oxygen) and BG is a hydrolyzer (adds hydrogen and rejuvenates the immune system with excess electrons riding on ExW), so MMS and BG would cancel each other out (and make water).

Of the two, I prefer to use BG as my goto.

I did use MMS for a long while mostly as a mouth rinse but again, quit and only use BG.  My dentist is very happy with the good condition of my mouth and teeth.

I did use H2O2 for external cuts if they seemed like they might get infected (rusty nail, etc.) and I used to use it for cold sores (cleans them up in less than a day) but haven’t used it for over a decade now, that I’ve been using BG.  I haven’t had an infections or a cold sore for years now.

Oxidizers are good to complement the immune system but BG ACTIVATES and ENHANCES the immune system itself, getting rid of toxins and pathogens that the oxidizers alone can’t, with ZERO negative effects (like free radical damage).

So oxidizers have their place, but I prefer BG for general use.

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