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Can I use glass containers?


If there’s an explosion in plastic, it’s a loud ballon pop.

If there’s and explosion in glass, it’s a bomb throwing glass shards.

DO NOT USE GLASS for any container that has pure BG in it.  It’s OK to bubble BG into any container, as long as the gas that bubbles up can readily escape into the atmosphere (no combustible mixture… But for the bubblers, DO NOT USE GLASS.

Just do not use a GLASS jar to contain the pure BG (like the bubbler jars).  BG is explosive and even static electric discharge OUTSIDE the container can ignite the BG inside.  An explosion in a plastic container is startling, loud and may split the plastic, but an explosion in a glass container can send glass shards flying…

Containers that do NOT contain the BG, like open top so the hydrogen can escape are safe.  So you can safely bubble into your glass sports bottle as long as you keep the top open.

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