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Can I bubble BG into an ionic foot bath?

Yes… But

The ‘removing of toxins through the feet’ is a based on a misunderstanding of the ‘ionic’ technology.  Ionizers are electrolyzers that depend on impure water to provide the catalyst for the electrolysis to ‘work’.  The more impurities, the ‘better’ it works.

Watch the water get ‘dirty’ even if there are no feet put into the water.  The electrolysis is making ‘gunk’ mostly by reacting with impurities in the water, not from the feet (though there is some surface ‘cleansing’).

But the ionic foot baths DO help people, because the electrolysis is adding hydrogen to the water in the process (kinda like colloidal silver water does). 

Hydrogen easily passes through the skin and into the body, particularly when the skin is ‘wet’.  So these technologies are a way to get hydrogen into the body.

The hydrogen ‘feeds’ the body and helps in many ways, one way is to help get rid of toxins… 

But not much ’through the feet’…

Bubbling BG into distilled water works ‘better’ than the ionic foot baths because you can add hydrogen, oxygen and ExW into distilled water (instead of impure water), so get all the health benefits without the impurities.

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