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Buoyancy Conveyor Link

1933 article about bouyancy invention.

Skeptic’s buoyancy physics ‘lesson’ 
Does not account for energy ‘stored’ in the system by multiple buoyancy chambers.
Does not detail the math of ‘work’ done (energy lost) as the pistons move (pump). 
The ‘work’ input is done only once (per pair), the torque output is all the air chambers combined.  

Test of a buoyancy conveyor (injecting air under water) 

Raise water using capillary effect 

Supposedly working Bouyancy Machine for sale.
haven’t seen efficiency figures, independent testing reports yet.  Here are some figures that are ‘compiled’ from other works and, based on my evaluation of the comments, incomplete.  (more comments) (more comments).
There still isn’t proof that would convince me that this would work… But they are working on it and that’s encouraging.My evaluation of the videos I’ve seen so far is that it’s a fake.1. I’ve seen NO input / output calculations / proofs.2. I’ve seen bubbles escaping from the ‘downward’ chambers (should only contain water)3. I do not see bubbles escape the ‘air fill tubes’4. The air compressor is far too small.5. I do not see air escaping from the top of the ‘rise’ chambers (as they refill with water). If you want me to believe in this (and I DO want to believe), show me actual proof that it’s producing more energy than it’s using (in English).

The AuKw story has been around for several months now with several youtubes 

05/12/15 – GAIA 5 kW AuKW Demo Video;

Do a search and you will find a lot of talk claiming they faked the demo and tests.

Here are some youtubes;

(posted 9 months ago)
Water Air Kinetic Free Energy Generator by Rosch Innovations AG

AuKW Rosch Herbstmesse 18.09.14

Rosch Auftriebskraftwerk AuKW – Kinetic Power Plant KPP – Belgrad Chaincoupling to Generator

Rosch KPP / GAIA AuKW 5kW power plant generator disassembly, May 13th ’15

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