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Brown’s Gas Book 1 original PRINTED RESOURCES (now obsolete)

Local Radio Shack, for various wires, clamps, terminal ends, project boxes, switches, capacitors, etc. 

Yellow pages of your phone book for suppliers of metal, like 22 gauge sheet in 316 stainless steel.  If your telephone book doesn’t help, refer to the Thomas Directory of Manufacturers, available in most libraries.  You can find someone to cut it for you too, either the company you buy it from or a local furnace installer (they have sheet metal cutters).  Try surplus or scrap yards as well.

Cole-Parmer Instrument Co., 625 East Bunker Court, Vernon Hills, Illinois, 60061, USA; phone 708-549-7600.  Has bonanza of products and information in catalog.  Hoses, Luer fittings and valves, chemical compatibility charts, etc.

Value Plastics, Inc., 3350 Eastbrook Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80525, USA; phone 303-223-8306.  Specializes in Plastic fittings, particularly Luer fittings.

Actually, you should be able to find most of your supplies in local hardware stores, as it is sometimes surprising what they have, or can get for you.  But if plastic fittings are a problem you can contact Cords Canada Ltd., 62 Densley Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6M 5E1, Canada; phone 416-242-6811.  Catalog of plastic hardware, includes hoses, fittings, bolts, screws, etc., all made from various plastics.  Plastics are a great way to inexpensively get around fluids and materials compatibility problems of your electrolyzer.

J. C. Whitney & Co., 1917-19 Archer Avenue, PO Box 8410, Chicago, Illinois, 60680, USA; phone 312-431-6102.  Has a complete line of aftermarket automotive accessories in their catalog.  You would be interested in high amperage gauges, various switches, etc.

C & H Sales Co., PO Box 5356, Pasadena, California, 91107; phone 213-681-4925.  Long list of surplus supplies, look for rectifiers, capacitors, switches, etc.

H & R Company, PO Box 122, Bristol, PA, 19007-0122; phone 215-788-5583.  Again, long list of surplus supplies, look for rectifiers, capacitors, switches, etc.

Surplus Center, PO Box 82209, Lincoln, NE, 68501-2209, USA; phone 402-474-4055.  More surplus supplies, look for rectifiers, capacitors, switches, etc.

All electronics Corp., PO Box 567, Van Nuys, California, 91408, USA; phone, 818-904-0524.  Even more surplus supplies, look for rectifiers, cords, switches, etc.

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