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7. What else can I do to increase my vehicle’s efficiency?

A. Add Water Injection.
It can be a simple vacuum induction system (build for under $5) or it could be an ‘active’ system that adds more water as the engine goes under load.
Water injection keeps the engine clean, enhances fuel combustion and reduces harmful emissions. See Water Injection’ and ‘Super Gas Saver Secrets’ books for full details on adding water injection.  
Water injection, combined with the HyZor allows you to replace a significant percentage of your fossil-fuel with water; in a manner that increases efficiency and performance.  
Apply controlled fuel preheat. Done properly, this vastly enhances the evaporation of the fuel.
For every fuel system, there is a maximum efficient temperature (not too hot or too cold).
Insulate your fuel system from the fuel line coming into the fuel compartment to the carburetor and then put in a thermostatically controlled fuel heater (heated by electric/engine coolant) to keep the fuel heated precisely.
Experiment to find your optimum. Can start at about 160°F, a degree difference could mean 2 or 3 mpg difference. See ‘Super Gas Saver Secrets’ book.  
Install a vacuum gauge on your dash (or on the steering column). These gauges can be bought in your local automotive supply store or from JC Whitney by mail order.
A vacuum gauge will tell you what is happening to your engine and you can modify your driving habits to achieve maximum efficiency and performance. A vacuum gauge also can tell you many things about your engine and becomes a valuable tool to applying combustion enhancement techniques.

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