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4. What can I do to increase the efficiency of my Turbocharged Diesel Fuel Injected vehicle?

 A.Install the EFIE device on each of your oxygen sensors, if you have any.   Install a pressure-vacuum gauge/pyrometer on your dash (or on the steering column). This gauge will tell you what is happening to your engine and you can modify your driving habits to achieve maximum efficiency and performance. It also can tell you many things about your engine and becomes a valuable tool to applying combustion enhancement techniques.   Insulate your exhaust system up to but not including your turbo. The extra heat retained in the gas going to the turbo will increase it’s power by as much as 10%.   Apply the HyCO 2DT. This system (that you build yourself) is specifically designed to install on turbocharged engines and has been proven by independent testing by CAT and Perkins to increase the power by 10%, while reducing fuel consumption by 10% and reduces harmful emissions significantly.   Then refer to: Q. What other fuel savers do you have? Q. What else can I do to increase my vehicle’s efficiency?

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