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How do I improve the gas mileage of my carbureted vehicle?

There are hundreds of ways to improve fuel economy. We are consolidating them in our Super Gas Saver Secrets book. Most people can cut their fuel costs in half using techniques that cost very little or nothing.

For technology specific to Eagle-Research: Start with the Carburetor Enhancer (Basic) kit. This is our standard recommendation for carbureted vehicles.

Do not proceed with any other fuel saver until you get the Carburetor Enhancer working.

If the Carburetor Enhancer does not work, then you have fuel system problems that you need to solve before proceeding.

The Carburetor Enhancer is not actually a device, it is a custom tuning technique for carburetors. It is meant to enhance the operation of properly functioning carburetors.

It adds a hose and valve on the outside of your carburetor that should have been included inside the carburetor when it was built. (Both carburetor and vehicle manufacturers ARE aware of this technology and have applied it in special cases, like police vehicles.)

The parts cost is about $15 and the actual installation time is about 1/2 hour once you know what you are doing. Adjustment takes seconds and then you just drive normally.

Most people get at least a 25% gain in mileage (10 mpg to 12.5 mpg), a significant pollution drop and increased performance.

The Carburetor Enhancer Manual gives very complete instructions that have already helped over 70,000 people.

Here is a calculator to find out how much money you’ll save.
Adjust the percentage to fit whatever technology you are using. 

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