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Why people DON’T buy Fuel-Saving Technology

Simple Answer:  Ignorance.
People just don’t know the advantages and the lack of disadvantages.  If they did know these two things, they’d buy in an instant.Ignorance is not a problem, it can be cured… IF someone is open minded. 
Detailed Answer: 
Really, I’ve been in the ‘fuel saving’ business for over 30 years.  I’ve seen that when people don’t understand something, they fear it.  Fear is usually easier to avoid than face.  
It takes an exceptional person to face the fact that high mileage is possible, can be achieved by nearly anyone, and then actually act to achieve high mileage for themselves.
My customers are the EXCEPTIONAL individuals that:1. Took the time to check out my fuel saving technology.2. Trusted me enough to give it a try.
Some of the ‘reasons’ people don’t buy fuel saving technology:
1. People would rather believe the lies they are taught by those with a Vested Interest in using as much fuel as possible… Rather than trust that a lone inventor could possibly doing something that vehicle manufacturers haven’t done for over 100 years…
The fact is that the vehicle manufacturers KNOW HOW to do this and COULD have been doing this, but choose NOT to do this.  They keep high mileage technology secret, even from most of their own employees and vigorously suppress any independent innovation.  I’ve discovered over 5000 fuel saver patents, not ONE of which is on the market…
2. It’s easier to keep doing what you’re doing than to change.  Frankly, people are busy these days, so much to worry about.  They just don’t take time to learn better ways of doing things because they don’t know how much better their lives would be if they did.
3. To be continued when I have time…
I’m astonished at the number of ‘no buy’ excuses I hear.  But if a person is serious and open minded, questions can lead to understanding…
Below find some of the questions from one exceptional man who DID build and test the HyCO 2DT and is now making a successful business installing them in Columbia.
Is the big drawing in the HyCO 2DT Manual 1:1 scale?
If not which are the dimensions of the container and the diameter of the ball?
The ball is 1″ in diameter.  That dimension is on the last page of the HyCO 2DT Manual.  The rest of the drawing can be scaled to the ball.
In the same drawing what is the dotted zone in the middle.
0.014 holes drilled at 0.03 centers
Is the ball in a small box with only one entrance and exit and the things on top of it is supposed to be something like a funnel?
The ball is NOT in a small box, it is under a small box that is held up by long bolts. Yes, the box acts like a funnel.
 In non turbo why can’t I use the air from the brakes or from a reserve air tank that many trucks here in Colombia have.
Such a system would not automatically activate when power is applied.  It’s doable (I’ve done it) but I wouldn’t recommend it because the system is much more complex.
In the manual says that the tube in the bottom is kept 1/4 inch above the north pole of the ball, but in the drawing is not that way?
Make it that way.
Does it matter if the ball does not have 1/8 inch walls, since I am in Colombia I guess I could use some plastic balls used for jewelry and just drill the holes. Would that work?
If you can fasten it solidly and it can stand the pressure.  We do sell pre-made balls for $30 USD.
How much could I charge for an HYCO 2DT fully assembled and installed?
Currently we charge $3,000
there is something in the far right of the picture, what is that because in the manual you don’t mention it.
Do you mean the float switch?  It buzzes an alarm if the liquid levelrises in the container.  Assuming the container is draining properly, itis not needed and is only a redundant ‘safety’.
In  your opinion for a diesel engine, is it easier to get some better mileage installing the HyCO 2DT than a HyZor?
For a turbocharged engine, yes.
This because with the HyZor is necessary to reduce the regular flow of fuel, which to my understanding is not easy while with the HyCO 2DT not.
It’s just as easy to reduce the fuel flow in either case. 
HyCO 2DT page there is a tip which says that using alcohol or gasoline would increase the effectiveness of the HyCO 2DT.
Would the savings be greater using gasoline or alcohol than with diesel?
I THINK gasoline, but I’m not sure.
Does the HyCO 2DT housing have to be metallic?
YES!  Plastic Containers will not stand up to the stresses.
Which combination is better for saving fuel and eliminate black smoke
HyCO 2DT with HyZor
HyCO 2DT with Water Injection
Water injection, then HyZor.
With either one, is it strictly necessary to reduce the fuel flow from the fuel injection pump to get some fuel savings?
No, but it helps.
or it is enough with these enhancements to get some saving. Because in the HyCO 2DT manual you do not mention anything about reducing the fuel flow.
I typically received 10%-15% fuel savings and 14% increase in power with no adjustment of the fuel flowing from the injectors.
I mention it because in a past mail you did say that the fuel flow should be reduced when any combustion enhancement device is installed, so I am a little confused.
Like I said, it helps.  You’d be converting the power gain into fuel savings.Note: Sometimes the truckers WANT the power gain because they save TIME on a trip (climbing hills) which results in more income than the fuel cost.
In the faqs page says “Independent tests show 10% fuel economy gains in large truck engines, with a 10% increase in power”
Would the savings be greater in smaller truck engines?
Why did your company decided not to sell HyCO 2DT units fully assembled?
My company is only me.  I can’t do all things so pick and choose.  Generally, writing and selling books/plans helps me continue to make money while I experiment, so generally support those projects with my time.
This question because I am planning on buying this manual, but I want to make sure I will not waste my money.
It won’t be wasted if you actually build and use the HyCO 2DTI sell the manual because I feel it’s better that SOMEONE get use of this technology, rather than no-one.  I just don’t have the time.
Are they hard to make?
Not for someone ‘skilled in the art’.  Can put together a metal container, with hoses and wires, following sketches.
Is it difficult to install?
Not for someone ‘skilled in the art’.  Knows what the various parts are on a vehicle and what they do.  Does their own maintenance on their vehicle.
It is a simple and straightforward technology.  The problem isn’t the technology.  As I said, sooner or later someone will have what it takes to make a business of it.  I certainly have the ability to do so but don’t have one of the requirements… time.
In smaller engines the savings would be in what range?
We got 40% gain on a Jetta when the turbo was operating (the HyCO 2DT only kicks in when power is required).
Why do you think that there are no businesses installing the HyCO 2DT diesel saver if it is such a good product?
That is a REALLY good question.I think mainly because people just don’t believe it enough to install it.Then there are the people who want to try it but never get enough time, finances, tools, skills to do it themselves.And finally, those independent people who do install it on their own vehicles aren’t people who want to make a business installing them; they already have jobs or businesses.They do, however, tell their friends who (some of them) buy my ‘how-to’ manual.Very occasionally, every couple of years, I do get someone contact me who wants to start a business.  But starting a business is a lot harder than the average person thinks and so far every one of those people just didn’t do it.I do believe that someday, if I don’t get to it myself, there will be someone who has all the time, finances, tools and skills to start a HyCO 2DT installing business.  To that end I am developing manufacturer and installer training courses.But I too have little time, which is why the HyCO 2DT project has set on a shelf since 1993; when I originally developed it for a man who asked me to invent something he could sell.  I did, and was in the final stages of working out the bugs (having tested it on several vehicles and gotten independent verification of results) when he got distracted onto other projects and never got back to me.
In the HyCO 2A Manual Updates notes you mention that HyCO 2DT works best on large diesel engines, but on your site says that the savings would be better in smaller engines.
What I meant was that the HyCO 2DT works better on turbocharged engines of any size, compared to other technologies like the HyCO 2A or HyZor.  When we wrote the text in the HyCO 2A Manual Update, we had only experimented with the HyCO 2DT on large diesel engines, because those were turbocharged.  The HyCO 2A does NOT work well on diesel.
When we got a chance to put a HyCO 2DT on a Volkswagen Jetta engine, we discovered that the savings were even better (40%).  Which tells us that the HyCO 2DT we are using on the large engines is undersized (because we used the same unit on the smaller engine).
George: I am really interested in the HyCO 2DT device, but before I buy the manual I have a few questions.
• Why isn’t any business making it?
Good question.  I’m not sure how to answer.  I know why I’M not… I just can’t sell all the inventions I’ve thought of.  I have several proven billion dollar ideas sitting on the shelf.  As good as the HyCO 2DT is, I’m only one man and have several other projects on the go.
• Which method is most effective for saving purposes in a diesel engine, HyCO 2DT, HyZor or Water Injection
HyCO 2DT (if engine is turbocharged), then HyZor and then Water Injection.  I’d install all three for a potential 50% fuel savings with no loss in power.
• What would be a reasonable price to sell this device?
I can manufacture them in the $800 range and install for $800.  They can save a trucker $3000 per year.  I’d market them for $3000.00 and that’d leave lots of room for affiliate and distributor markup.
I have been searching the web about  your  HyCO 2DT and found the following text from and interview you gave.
“I’ve told thousands of people about this stuff (like the HyCO 2DT) and not one has stepped up to the plate to make themselves “famous and rich beyond your (their) wildest dreams”
• Why do you think no one has make a business out of this great product?
1. Very few people know it exists.2. Those that have heard of it have their own lives and projects to work on.3. Those that have actually applied it onto their engines are too busy with their lives.4. It takes a special type of person to be an entrepreneur and that person needs the correct skills.5. Any business needs startup assets, which most people do not have.
• Why haven’t you do it?
As I’ve said many times.  I have too many projects to do them all.  I have to pick and choose; which means I have lots of billion dollar projects (that the world needs) languishing on my shelves.
• Does it work with the newest diesel engines?
It works on any turbocharged engine.  New or old; powered by crude, diesel or gasoline.  The newer engines (computer controlled) with oxygen sensors also need some sort of CEIT (like the EFIE) to optimize gains.
George, I am making the changes that you told me to make on my HyCO 2DT machine (taller and wider container). A soon as I make the changes I will test it on my friends truck, and I will let you know the results. If the results are positive as I suppose I will make a business out of this technology because now that I am unemployed I really need a big project like this one.
The people in Perkins in Mexico City have not found any of the studies and tests they made of the HyCO 2DT.

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