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Tower Cap rubber gasket leaking

We tried making a gasket in the base of the Tower Cap, because we thought it’d be simpler if we could make it work.  It does work for a time, but eventually it does get chewed up and stops sealing.

Once that gasket is gone, it’s gone and you revert to the original form of sealing (Teflon Tape), as per the Operation Manual.  

That’s why we include a roll of Teflon Tape with every machine.  The roll should last for years because the Tower Cap should only be removed for maintenance cleanings every 100 hours.

Put 9 to 12 Layers of Teflon Tape wrapped on TOP of each other CLOCKWISE around the top threads.  
How to apply Teflon Tape to Fill Stem 

That will seal the leak.

When using Tefon Tape, the rubber gasket is not needed (the tape seals all by itself), just throw the gasket away.    If the rubber has come loose (or shoved down into the silver stem) just throw the gasket away.  It cannot be re-used.

We haven’t yet found a really good way to re-seal that gasket to the steel washer AND (very important) seal around the outer edges of the gasket.  
We are sure it can be done with appropriate sealants, (like perhaps Permatex Ultra Bond or E6000), and we are experimenting with various adhesives but really, it’s simpler (for now) just to wrap the threads.

Here is the proper gasket if you want to try repairing it.

If you have had a Tower Cap base leak, then lye may have run down the fill stem and into the machine.  
If that happened you may want to remove the hood and clean the inside of the machine, so the lye doesn’t take off the galvanize finish or cause short circuits.

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