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Reading the AquaCure hour meter

Reading the hour meter

Ignore the last two digits on the right, they are tenths and hundreds of an hour (yes I know, crazy, but that’s the way they do it).  So the last 2 numbers (on the right) are % of an hour, not hours or minutes.

So 00564.66

Would be five hundred sixty four hours and 66% of an hour.

The last two digits are NOT MINUTES.  They are % of an hour.  So 50 would be 50% of an hour or 30 minutes.  It would go to 99% (60 minutes) before turning to 1 hour.

And YES, in the more modern hour meter, the red light is supposed to be flashing when gas is being produced.  I do not know why they chose red but it’s a Good Thing to see it flashing.

Hour Meter Front view
Hour Meter Front view
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