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Q ~ Why do you state 6 week delivery for orders?

I usually do not go into a long explanation but sometimes I get customers that are used to the speedy delivery of the USA post and, being in a business full of frauds, I often get a little extra prejudice (people wondering if I’m honest).  
Although I usually deliver customers orders within a few days; the below reasons are why I tell people to expect a 6 week delivery time.  Then, people aren’t scared and concerned (as much) when there is a delay AND when the package arrives sooner, they are happier.
Although Eagle-Research is an international business, with locations in both USA and Canada, the products are mostly made in Canada (it is more practical for me to manufacture in Canada at this time). I hire people as needed to do specific tasks but otherwise do everything myself. 
Also, please understand that I (George Wiseman) live in a remote location.  When I go to town and back it takes up most of a day.  It isn’t efficient for me to go to town everytime an order comes in.And I need time to do research, development, consultations and manufacturing; obviously this all takes time so I’ve worked out an arrangement that allows me to accomplish everything. I only fill orders and ship them twice a month.  This usually happens in the middle of the month and the end of the month.
On Monday of the shipping week (or Tuesday if Monday was a holiday) I collect all the orders from internet, FAX and (previous) Postal Mail.  I process and fill the orders on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then ship them on Thursday.  
When I go to the post office I pick up any orders that came in via Post. Those get filled the next order-filling time (making an additional 2 week delay for postal orders).
Note that in the Spring we take a 2 week Spring Break (timing varies) and in the Winter we take a 4 week Holiday break (3 weeks of December and 1 week of January). These are also times that order filling is delayed.
Note that I sometimes travel for several weeks to speak at conferences, consult for clients and to work on various projects around the world.  While I’m gone I can’t fill the orders.  I DO try to schedual so that the order delay is minimized.
So that’s my situation and why sometimes it can take up to 6 weeks for delivery.  I’ve tried MANY different proceedures since 1984 and this two week shipping plan has been the best all-around situation; so that I spend the least money on shipping, get the most time to do my research and still serve my customers in a reasonably timely manner. 
Canadian and International orders are shipped from a Canadian Post Office.  USA orders are shipped from a USA Post Office.  
Note: With product made in Canada, I often use an independent courier to take the orders to a USA post office for delivery to our USA customers.  Shipping by courier saves 10 days on the post and avoids hassles of customs paperwork and charges for our USA customers but the courier is expensive so (another reason) we only go through the order filling process twice a month.

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