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Q ~ Why do I require the EFIE or Carburetor Enhancer?

A. When you use any fuel saving technique or device (from any company), you get more power from the fuel, so the fuel flow from the regular fuel system needs to be reduced to maintain power and to optimize your fuel gains.
The EFIE is an interface technology that allow fuel savers to work on vehicles that have oxygen sensor feedback.
Without the EFIE vehicles, that have oxygen sensors, will usually lose mileage when applying fuel saving techniques; because the vehicle’s computer adds fuel to compensate for the increased level of oxygen in the exhaust.
The EFIE device is a circuit that is installed into the oxygen sensor signal wire and helps the vehicle’s computer automatically cut back the fuel consumption as combustion efficiency is increased.
The Carburetor Enhancer is a simple carburetor custom tuning technique. It gives you greater control over the air:fuel ratio. Start with the easy and inexpensive basic version.

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