Manual Water Fill Pump


Some people have more difficulty filling the AquaCure through the Tower Cap check valve because of weak or arthritic hands.

Since the Humidifier water must be used to refill the AquaCure (to put trapped lye back into the machine) and the AquaCure must be filled through the check valve (to keep the check valve functional) …

… we’ve developed a ‘pump’ that allows water to easily be sucked out of the Humidifier tank and pushed into the Tower Cap check valve.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can put the adaptor hose on the check valve permanently and then just stick the pump hose into it when needed.

To use the pump, simply slide the short adaptor hose (1/4″ ID) onto the Tower Cap check valve (water fill).
Then slide the 1/4″ OD hose from the pump into the 1/4″ ID adaptor.
Then put the other hose (the one with the pump check valve) into the Humidifier water tank (after taking the Humidifier lid off, of course).

We put the adaptor on the correct side when we sent it to you, because the pump will only pump one direction.

Remember that the AquaCure should always be topped up (water filled) from the Humidifier Tank.  This puts any residual trapped lye back into the AquaCure.  It also keeps the check valve ‘washed’ and clean.

With the pump you can pump a LOT of water really quickly.  DON’T fill too fast, or you might overfill the AquaCure.  Remember it takes a few seconds for the sight tube to ‘register’ new water input.
And you need to clear the water out of the ’system’ (so it doesn’t leak on your table) by pulling the ‘input’ hose out of the Humidifier tank and pumping ‘air’ into the Tower Cap.
Then DISCONNECT the pump system from the Tower Cap or the Tower Cap check valve won’t work properly (you can leave the short adaptor hose attached).  Just pull the pump hose out of the adapter hose.
Then always remember to ’store’ the syringe with the plunger off the bottom of the cylinder about 1/2” or so (see picture), so it doesn’t stick on the bottom permanently.
Then DUMP the rest of the Humidifier water that you haven’t used to fill the AquaCure and fill the Humidifier tank with fresh distilled water.
The Humidifier needs to be FULL of fresh distilled water to efficiently grab any residual lye from the HydrOxy gas streaming through it.

TIP: If the 1/4″ adaptor tube is too hard for you to install on the check valve (weak hands), it slides on easier if you soften the plastic by putting one end of it in boiling water.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1.5 in


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