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Is it possible to combine ER HyZor with HyCO 2DT to get greater fuel economy?

A. Assuming you have a turbocharged engine, yes.
But the gains are not totally additive.
Lets assume each gets about 10% separately, (the HyZor or the HyCO 2DT alone) together they’d get about 15% total.
Adding Water Injection further increases the effectiveness of the HyZor, so in the above example you would end up with a total of 20% gain.  These figures are conservative, based on decades of personal experience and customer testimonials I’d expect a total gain (when installing the whole package) of 50% in mileage with no loss in power or performance.  
Here is a calculator to find out how much money you’ll save.Adjust the percentage to fit whatever technologies you are using. 

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