Greg the Hydrogen Man

I’m going to need to say some negative things about Greg.  I HATE doing that, but… When darkness tries to take advantage, a light must be shined.  If not me, Who? If not now, When?

First, hydrogen supplementation is good.  What I’m telling you below is about Greg, not the hydrogen supplementation.  Sorry for the length, but it’s to mitigate some of Greg’s miss-information using specific examples…

I’ll say up front that Greg (the Hydrogen Man) is a liar, a con man and I will prove it. 
Greg’s ENTIRE agenda is to promote his cheap knock-off of a Korean hydrogen machine
as ‘made in Japan’ (which it probably is because Cons always base their lies off as much truth as possible).  

He pretends (so far) to have no affiliation with Holy Hydrogen, the business selling his cheaply made Lourdes HydroFix copy (known as ‘Premium Edition’).  
HOWEVER, I discovered his Mother’s Day Care used to be the official business address for his corporation Holy Hydrogen for the first few years as he was ‘getting started’ with his scam.   
AND He used to BE a distributor for the REAL Lourdes HydroFix until he used his wife’s Japanese contacts to make a ‘copy’ for himself (they confirm this).

I’m doing a deep dive into his life with private investigation and it’s not pretty.  Note that he does ’typical’ Con Man techniques… Mixing the miss-information in with enough truth to make it SEEM credible to people who don’t understand the technology.  AND he has a very easy to believe and enthusiastic presentation.

He also erases anyone telling the truth about Brown’s Gas from his YouTube channel comments (I have independent verification of this), so no one can directly comment (tell the truth and/or point out miss-information) there and I appreciate the integrity of anyone wise enough to ‘check the other side’.

Greg is maligning Brown’s Gas purely out of greed. He KNOWS that it is more therapeutically efficacious and is doing everything he can to negate it in order to make his ‘hydrogen only’ option look better. Brown’s Gas IS his real competition and is being adopted by healthcare practitioners all over the world. Brown’s Gas IS the next generation of ‘hydrogen for health’ technology just like LEDs were better than compact fluorescents.

‘They’ (whomever made this quality control video and miss-interprets data) even lie about the actual Gas Production of the Lourdes HydroFix Premium Edition…
Here is the bogus ‘official’ Lourdes Hydrofix gas volume test
The ‘gas test’ shown in the above video is a ‘gas quality’ sampling test and has absolutely NOTHING to do with gas volume (they depend on people’s ignorance to have them accept this as a ‘volume’ test).  
You cannot measure ‘gas volume produced’ accurately by sucking back hard on a syringe (using a vaccum to draw from a chamber of ‘stored gas’).  Because you would pretty much instantly suck from the ‘stored’ gas in the chamber, NOT accurately measure gas ‘as it’s produced’… 
That technique does ‘gather gas to be sampled’ for quality control but does not ‘measure volume produced over time’ or ‘quantity of gas produced’.

Steve did a couple nice volume tests and put them online
I have a Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition myself and ANYONE can measure the gas production.

Steve did another video showing mathematically (using standard electrolysis laws / math) that the hydrofix company is over inflating their numbers. Take a look 

You can get that quantity of gas from nearly any hydrogen ’sports bottle’ on the market, for less than $400… Some of which do have a cannula attachment.

While these hydrogen only (like the Lourdes HydroFix) ‘sports bottle’ options are better than nothing 
NONE of them make Brown’s Gas or even therapeutic quantities of hydrogen gas.

Here is an independent (reasonably done) test of the AquaCure’s gas production.  

Greg’s claim that Brown’s Gas isn’t used in Asia is 100% false, 
It’s true that they don’t usually ‘call it’ Brown’s Gas in their studies, but their ‘oxyhydrogen mixture’ (made by electrolyzers without a membrane) is Brown’s Gas. 

NOTE that many Asian electrolyzers miss-inform by SAYING they make Brown’s Gas when they do NOT. Electrolyzers that make pure hydrogen and oxygen (Like PEM/SPE) and then combine the gasses are NOT making Brown’s Gas. Electrolyzers like that cannot make ExW, a vital component of actual Brown’s Gas.

In fact, in China, it’s the #1 treatment for Covid (see more below for WHY), is Medically certified and it’s been being used in Asian (including Japan) Spas, Hydrogen Bars and in Clinics, some since the early 2000’s.  

One particular man, setting up several Clinics in Asia even used MY ER1200 WaterTorches (Brown’s Gas Electrolyzers)
as the base for his Patent Claims in 2004
So obviously ‘Greg’ is ignorant of actual facts (or deliberately miss-informing). Either way, his ‘opinion’ is not to be trusted.

You don’t need ‘lye’ specifically, to make Brown’s Gas, but you DO need a catalyst and we’ve found lye to be the most practical choice after testing thousands of catalyst concentrations.  The lye mostly stays in the machine (ZERO ’toxic issues’), just like the SPE/PEM catalyst Greg uses in his HydroFix.  

The main two differences are that Greg’s machine doesn’t make a therapeutic level of hydrogen and uses a solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) that PREVENTS the formation of ExW…

To be fair, ‘his’ HydroFix doesn’t put electrolyte impurities directly into the water you bubble for drinking, like most of the other PEM/SPE electrolyzers do.  Bubbling the gas remotely (like we do) is inherently healthier.

However, ExW is the ingredient that makes Brown’s Gas about 30% therapeutically superior to plain hydrogen.

To be clear, the AquaCure makes the Brown’s Gas remotely from the drinking water, so the drinking water is NOT contaminated with electrolyte catalyst or impurities (they stay in the machine to be cleaned out later).

It is TRUE that hydrogen helps mitigate or prevent hypoxic damage.  This is not new, hydrogen has been used for this purpose in surgeries for decades.  
Our AquaCure delivers MUCH MORE hydrogen to the body than the Lourdes HydroFix can.

Myself (and many many thousands of other people) have ZERO issues with blood oxygen when inhaling… In fact, when used as a treatment for COVID,  People who were 70% blood oxygen, treated with Brown’s Gas instead of being put on a ventilator, were breathing easier within 5 minutes and walking out of the Hospital within 3 days.  Brown’s Gas is the #1 on the Chinese Covid treatment list (that’s for 1.4 billion people)!

COVID is a BLOOD virus not a Respiratory virus.
The virus kicks the iron (ferritin, heme) out of the Red Blood Cells (RBCs) making them unable to grab and carry oxygen.  So 80% to 90% of people put on ventilators died anyway,
because it didn’t matter how much oxygen or pressure you put into the lungs, if the RBCs couldn’t ‘grab’ the oxygen.  Treat the lungs, people died.  Treat the blood, people lived.

Brown’s Gas (not hydrogen), because of the ExW, gives the red blood cells (RBC) a ‘charge’ they need to pick up oxygen even when iron deficient… So in minutes people are breathing easier and walking out of the hospital in a few days, instead of dying on a respirator.

AND the ExW (not hydrogen) is now PROVEN to increase the EZ gel of the RBCs, Arteries, Veins and capillaries… Which is WHY blood can flow in the body! (EZ gel was discovered by Prof Gerald Pollack’s Lab). Bubbling pure hydrogen and/or oxygen into water does NOT increase EZ Gel formation, only ExW does that.

Greg the ‘Doctor’:

In one video Greg did, a Doctor was miss-informed by Greg telling him that Brown’s Gas would damage lungs.  
The Doctor should have contacted the manufacturer of the device making the Brown’s Gas, or a Brown’s Gas expert (like myself) or at LEAST a Doctor that specializes in hydrogen for health like Dr. Tyler LeBaron.
A Doctor contacting Greg for advice (a con man and NOT a medical expert) was the exact opposite of the best idea…

As far as organs healing, my heart murmur disappeared.  A bad heart valve that I’d had for 50 years HEALED!  My Grandfather died from complications from his weak heart valve so I’m very happy this see this ‘side effect’ that strengthen my genetic pre-disposition.
See more of my healing journey here:

NO ONE has ever legitimately reported a single negative side effect from properly administered hydrogen or Brown’s Gas.  There are now thousands of scientific studies.

And comparative studies and scientific experiments are showing that Brown’s Gas has about a 30% higher therapeutic efficacy over plain hydrogen (even with oxygen added), because of the ExW.

Greg’s Fear Mongering about oxygen:

Brown’s Gas oxygen is pure O2.  It is NOT ozone (as Greg sometimes miss-claims).  It is just as pure as Lourdes HydroFix oxygen.  Both are electrolyzers and neither can make O3.

Contrary to Greg’s miss-information, Brown’s Gas does NOT significantly increase the oxygen being inhaled.  So Greg’s fear-mongering ‘excess oxygen’ is TOTALLY out of line.

Think of it this way.
First, Brown’s Gas is a hydrogen:oxygen mixture that is simply replacing a portion of the nitrogen:oxygen mixture you are already inhaling.
BOTH hydrogen and nitrogen have ZERO toxic effects.

The amount of hydrogen scientifically used for therapeutic benefit is 2% in the inhaled breath.
Therefore (since oxygen is 1/3 of Brown’s Gas) the ‘replacement’ oxygen inhaled is 1% of the inhaled air. This is simply (and mostly just) replacing oxygen that you would otherwise have inhaled from the atmosphere.  

Inhaled air is 21% oxygen and Brown’s Gas is 33% oxygen, so you actually get about 9% of the 1% more oxygen, which works out to 0.004% more oxygen than you’d ordinarily inhale.  About the same ‘extra oxygen’ as taking a couple extra quick breaths per hour. How exactly is that ’toxic’?  

As for Greg’s Fear Mongering about Lye…

FAQ: Is Lye Safe?
First, there is a lot of miss-information about Lye on the internet…
I’ve even seen supposed pictures of Lye burns (on Wikipedia) that are actually caused by Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) not Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH). I’ve worked with lye all my (65+ years) life (it was a common chemical on the ranch).

Second, lye is one of the most common chemicals in existence.  It’s used in hundreds of products and processes.  It forms naturally in the environment whenever there is a forest fire (Lye can be acquired by leaching water through wood ashes).  

In the past (for hundreds of thousands of years, until modern chemicals replaced it) it was used as soap and it was acquired (made) by simply pouring water through wood ashes and evaporating the water.

In other words, lye is soap, as God originally intended us to use and we did use since the beginning of time.

You mix up the lye just like mixing Kool-Aid and the concentration I use (about 1% by weight) is no stronger than soap (which you could use it for if you wanted).  Our ancestors mixed lye with fats or oils to make soap bars. There is NO MORE lye in the AquaCure than is in a common bar of soap!

Today lye is commonly found in homes as drain cleaner, oven cleaner, etc… 
Of course at MUCH higher concentrations than the AquaCure uses and people are not afraid of those household products…

I started using Brown’s Gas for heath purposes in 2005 and I’ve been inhaling it for a minimum of 4 hours (sometimes up to 8 hours) every day since March of 2016. 

I DESIGNED the AquaCure to have ONLY pure gas to be inhaled.  There is NO LYE in the gas. We’ve done spectrographic tests…

The Humidifier added to the AquaCure is simply a redundant backup safety that I personally (and my wife) don’t even use (have never used) in our own home Brown’s Gas machines.  

There is ZERO chance of inhaling lye if you even follow just the spirit of the instructions of my Operation Manual and Updates.

There are many many thousands of Brown’s Gas machines being used worldwide.  Many people inhale all night, every night.  No one has ever (legitimately) reported inhaling lye.

I have seen where people report the FEAR of inhaling lye and for them I say… TEST THE WATER

If there is lye in the water, the pH will RISE.  If the pH isn’t rising significantly, there isn’t enough lye to be concerned about.  Even if you get lye in water, the water will taste ‘funky’ and smell ‘skunky’ long before it is unhealthy to consume.

Note: Using a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter and start with 0 TDS (distilled) water, and see for yourself that the TDS does not significantly rise in the Drinking Water jar.  The water in the Humidifier effectively traps any residual lye. 

Note: You’ll see the TDS in the Drinking Water jar rise a bit but most of that is due to the ExW because the TDS meter is reading electrons and ExW adds electrons.  You can see this by measuring ORP

ALSO Brown’s Gas (which is NOT just not pure hydrogen) is now proven to increase the thickness of EZ gel (often called EZ water).  EZ Gel is EXTREMELY HEALTHY.  Without this EZ Gel, our bodies would die instantly.  Research Gerald Pollack’s “The Fourth State of Water”.

Further a pinch of lye (NaOH) in water is actually HEALTHY and is often used as a ‘buffer’ to adjust (raise) the pH of foods and condiments… AND the municipal water most people drink!

Further Lye Notes:

Note that water having ‘memory’ of lye is GOOD 🙂
Sodium (Na) IS one of the molecules that the body NEEDS to be healthy.
It is easily ingestible as table salt (Sodium Chloride or NaCl) but is more healthily ingested as lye (Sodium Hydroxide or NaOH ) because as the body removes the sodium (Na) from table salt, it then needs to get rid of the toxic substance chlorine (Cl).  When the body removes the sodium (Na+) from lye (NaOH), it is left with the hydroxide OH-,
which is generally healthful in the body (not a poison like chlorine).

NaOH (lye) is often used in food and on food (just like sodium chloride).  For example as a pretzel glaze:

NaOH is also used to adjust the pH of municipal drinking water (many people are ALREADY drinking lye):

So ANY level of NaOH in the water below the threshold of ‘caustic’ is benign and even healthful to drink.
Of course ANYTHING is toxic if you get too much of it.  Too much table salt in the water will make you sick and even hydrogen can suffocate you is that’s ALL you inhale (no oxygen).

Note:  People really need to get over their FEAR of lye.  Lye (Sodium Hydroxide or NaOH) is one of the most USEFUL and beneficial substances we have.

It’s created by nature everytime there is a forest fire and rainwater washes it into waterways to prevent the water from becoming too acid.  So nature’s water naturally has lye in it.

People used to ‘make’ their own lye by leaching water through wood ashes.

Lye is generally NOT used to dissolve bodies like in the movies.  Potassium hydroxide (KOH) is MUCH better at dissolving bodies. Using NaOH can work but it takes a lot more and a LOT longer.  
On the ranch we use potassium hydroxide (KOH) to dissolve animal’s horn buds because sodium hydroxide is far too weak a caustic (it wouldn’t work).

So I’ve been using lye all my life and most people have lye in their homes and don’t even know it.  The most common uses are drain cleaner and oven cleaner (which works great on exhaust fan filters and greasy pots too).

Further Uses of NaOH

Beauty Products

Chemical matrixectomy
Phenol is commonly used in surgeries for ingrown toenails. It’s used on more severe ingrown toenails that don’t respond to other treatments. The phenol, in the form of trichloroacetic acid, is used to stop the nail from growing back.

A small 2001 studyTrusted Source of 172 people found that 98.8 percent of those who received a chemical matrixectomy with phenol cauterization had successful results.

However, phenol matrixectomy may be falling out of favor. A 2014 paper Trusted Source in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association found that sodium hydroxide had fewer complications than phenol as an ingrown toenail treatment.

Food Additives
Cosmetics Buffer

As per Greg (and others) Fear Mongering about Hexavalent Chromium

Greg Fear-Mongering about ‘low quality electrodes’

Dieter:  i hope you are well. How are you after 6 years of inhaling ?

GW: Healthier than ever.

Dieter:  I do it now for 1,5 years. I really feel “most of the time” 15 years younger than before, like you said 1 month of inhaling 1 year younger. I only fear sometimes if the AC50 with its need of a electrolyte and therefore lower quality electrodes could give a bit harmful gases compared to inhalers that use no electrolyte, only pure distilled water.

GW: Actually, it’s the opposite.

First, ALL electrolyzers require an electrolyte.  Just some use a PEM/SPE electrolyte that REQUIRES exotic metals as electrodes to prevent electro-deposition.

Second, Brown’s Gas electrolyzers (because of using lye as a catalyst) have such a low cell voltage is LESS than the  electro-deposition voltage of metals like stainless steel…
So no problem, in a properly designed and maintained Brown’s Gas electrolyzer the electrodes don’t decompose into the solution… AND, even if they did, the ‘metals’ would stay in the electrolyzer.  ONLY the Brown’s Gas comes out.

On the other hand, electrolyzers that use SPE/PEM catalytic membranes have multiple issues,
1. the inherently higher cell voltages cause electrode decomposition unless exiotic metals with high electro-decomposition voltages are used and,
2. If the electrodes doo decompose, those impurities are then automatically in the drinking water and,
3. The SPE/PEM membranes quickly plug up with ‘any’ impurities, making the electrolyzer quit working, sometimes permanently and’
4. They CANNOT make Brown’s Gas, so the therapeutic efficacy offered by the ExW component of Brown’s Gas doesn’t exist.

The Brown’s Gas electrolyzers not only make a therapeutically superior gas but last for decades, which is why we can offer a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Dieter:  I always use 2 bubblers and in the 2. nd bubbler i measure 0 ppm and the water didn’t change color also when i use it a long time. But the silicon for inhaling still got a littel bit brown colored compared to a new one. I must admit that i used the same silicon inhaler the whole 1,5 years !

GW: Me too.

Dieter:  I would like to know your opinion, if the gas could still be dirty if i measure 0 ppm in the 2 nd bubbler ?

GW: Nope.  I don’t even use one Humidifier, just go straight to the Drinking Water jar.

Greg Fear-Mongering about ‘sludge’
Yep, Brown’s Gas machines make sludge. We make no secret about that. And the sludge does need to be cleaned out, which admit-ably is a pain… This maintenance IS ONE of the biggest differences between pure hydrogen electrolyzers and Brown’s Gas electrolyzers. But I personally choose to do it BECAUSE Brown’s Gas is proving to be 30% more therapeutically efficacious over pure hydrogen… And I want the BEST.
Claims that the sludge contaminates the Brown’s Gas are ignorant on their face… How can the sludge contaminate the gas if it STAYS IN THE MACHINE and needs to be cleaned out?

Greg Fear-Mongering about ‘Not for Human Consumption’

Absolutely TRUE that we say ‘Not For Human Consumption’ on our AquaCure Sales Page! Anyone who is even dimly aware of what is happening in the world right now would understand WHY… While we are working on getting FDA approval, we need to do so Very Carefully, because they are the ‘enforcement’ arm of Big Pharma that sells the drugs that become UN-NEEDED if people are inhaling Brown’s Gas. So to keep ourselves ‘legal’ we need to tell people that the AquaCure is NOT licensed for Medical use!

Greg Fear-Mongering about ‘Virus’

I (George Wiseman) made a mistake a couple years ago and (quoting a couple of customers) stated that if you had a cold or flu (viral infection) that inhaling Brown’s Gas might make the cold or flu last longer. I was WRONG to say that without getting scientific verification. It turn out ‘they’ (the customers) were wrong… Very Very Wrong!
It turns out that Brown’s Gas is the best possible thing you can be doing if you have a cold or flu, proven in studies of millions of people. Opps…

Greg Fear-Mongering about VING Chassis
Exactly as we say we do on our AquaCure Sales Page.  Modifying a machine from China allows us to sell them for $2500 instead of the $5000 it would cost to build it completely in America.  There is no secret about that.
It takes us about 8 hours of work and we install hundreds of dollars worth of additional components to make the AquaCure the SAFEST, most functional and most practical Brown’s Gas electrolyzer in the world, even better than models costing over $30,000 USD.

What is the BEST?

Studies are showing Brown’s Gas to be the next generation of Water for Health.  
If people are not inhaling the Brown’s Gas (only drinking infused water), they are only getting 10% of the health gains they could be achieving with this technology.  Inhalation is vital for optimum therapeutic efficacy.

The connection between Brown’s Gas and EZ water (gel) is now proven, supporting the reasons Brown’s Gas is therapeutically superior to pure hydrogen.

There is NO safer Brown’s Gas machine in the world than the AquaCure.  I’ve been selling Brown’s Gas machines since 1986 and in all that time (well over 10,000 sales) not one person has ever been hurt in any way.  

And I’m small potatoes… In Asia Brown’s Gas is BIG and commonly used for a variety of applications.  

Greg makes unfounded statements without showing where he got the data or proofs of any kind.  
I do the opposite.  I show the math and references.  I also encourage independent and further research… Often my customers tell ME stuff I haven’t had time to look for.

Greg isn’t interested in anything but selling his cheaply made and expensive (for what you get) version of hydrogen for health.
He CERTAINLY isn’t interested in the actual truth or about anyone’s health.
If he can get you to buy one of his electrolyzers, his job is done. His return policy is… Let’s just say… Restrictive.

WE have a 1 YEAR satisfaction guarantee and less than a 1% return rate.  Most of those are people who never even tried the gas, just decided the maintenance was too much.
Virtually everyone who actually TRIES IT, keeps it!

And we have a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warrantee.

More helpful links:

AquaCure AC50 Introduction Video.

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AquaCure New Timer Switch

Apply Teflon Tape on AquaCure Fill Stem

Properly Install the Tower Cap

Make sure your Tower Cap base Union base is sealed properly and that you install and remove the Tower Cap using the Union ring, so you do not need to keep re-applying the Teflon Tape.  

DO NOT ’torque’ on the Tower Cap to install / seal the base fitting; doing so will ‘lock up’ the Union Big Ring, requiring wrenches to loosen it.

below is the OLD but fun to watch AquaCure AC50 Setup and Operation Video

NOTE that you NEED to read the text below the video to correct things like ONLY 80 grams of lye!

AquaCure AC50 Operation Manual (Obsolete and currently being updated)

AquaCure AC50 Operation Manual UPDATE notes

AquaCure Rinsing Technique

When Rinsing:
To dissolve soap formations you need water in the 120° F to 140°F range.  The water must be hot; warm water does little.  Remember to trade out the hot water within a minute or so (at first) because it will cool quickly as it heats up the components.

You Fill the AquaCure to FULL with HOT water (6 to 7 cups).  Then alternately and SLOWLY lift the front and back of the machine up to 60 degrees to ‘wash’ the HOT water up and down in the Sight Tube.  
You need to change out the HOT water frequently because it cools off quickly and warm water does little to dissolve soap.
NOTE: If the HOT water doesn’t ‘’reach’ the tight tube, doesn’t wash’ up and down in the sight tube, it CANNOT clean the sight tube; if you are not getting the water washing up and down in the sight tube, it’s likely due to a plug or restriction and that needs to be fixed ‘manually’; ask for instructions.

Note: I occasionally get an ‘air bubble’ in the tube (so it will seem that the sight tube and/or ball is not ‘registering’ the actual fluid level correctly).
Generally air bubbles will eventually clear on their own, but you can ‘hurry’ the process by filling the AquaCure with solution.  Then alternately and VERY SLOWLY lift the front and back of the machine up to 60 degrees to ‘wash’ the solution up and down in the Sight Tube, washing out the air bubble(s) and the ball should float properly. 

Setup your AquaCureAC50 torch attachment:

H2 Hubb AquaCure AC50,  Unboxing, Setup and Test videos:
Test gas production

See Brown’s Gas testimonials / studies / etc. here:

AquaCure Brochure

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May the blessings be
 🦅 George Wiseman