Hello Eagle-Research fans!

I’m Josh Richet, I am the guy wrangling the ER website and it’s related technical services. I know things aren’t going super smoothly, but we were forced to launch the new site half-completed due to problems with the old one and I’ve been playing catch-up just as fast as I can. It’s not easy to keep ahead of such a busy community, and I appreciate your patience.

Thousands of you will see additional emails this week (May 4-9 2020) saying that you’ve ordered something from Eagle-Research.com with an old date on it. DON’T PANIC, we are importing previous orders from the old database this week and you are just receiving notice that the order is now in our new store. I know it’s the order email template and I’m sorry there’s not more detail in these emails.

The main purpose of importing your old order is to give you access to your resource access and downloads from the old site on the new one. Don’t worry, you are not being charged again, this import is not connected to the payment system. You will not be shipped an additional item as this is an import for historical and reporting purposes.

Customers who have not signed into the new site will need to reset their password.


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