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If you would like to link with Eagle-Research, click here.   NOTE:   We list these sites because we want you to be as informed about Brown's Gas as possible. Then you will know that Eagle-Research has the most practical Brown's Gas machines and technology in the world. If you know of a site that should be listed here, please tell us.   BEWARE, some of the information on these websites is misleading or inaccurate. Check with us for confirmation of facts. Questions and comments are welcome. < >   Click here to see a list of Brown's Gas Machine Manufacturer's  
MISC. SITES OF GENERAL INTEREST   William Rhodes statement: Mr. Rhodes was the first to patent the technology now known as Brown's Gas. He called it 'single ducted gas'. Yull Brown used Mr. Rhodes work as a base for his research. Mr. Rhodes went on to make a far superior technology. Eagle-Research independently developed that same superior technology and has Mr. Rhode's blessing to manufacture it.   General links for Brown's Gas:    
  Brown's Gas is a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor. These companies manufacture electrolyzers that separate the hydrogen and oxygen. Once separated, the gasses cannot be recombined to make Brown's Gas. Thermodynamic Engineering   IdroEnergy VIGO IMPIANTI s.r.l. VIA A. CECCHI, 15 16129 GENOVA, ITALY TEL: + 39 010 561985, FAX + 30 010 583888 Ernesto Vigo, President.   Italian Company. Design Based on Russian work. Claim 90% efficiency. Selling to shipbuilding, bottlegas people. < >   Strictly speaking, the Idro machines do not make Brown's Gas, because the separate the gasses during production, then recombine them later.   The company does deserve honorable mention because it has sold hundreds of machines which have millions of hours of safe use.   Machine sizes (x100 = gas production, 1/3 O & 2/3 H): 0.6 $ 85 Kg 2.1 Kwh 1.6 $ 290 Kg 5.75 Kwh 3.7 $ 420 Kg 13.3 Kwh 5.5 $ 500 Kg 19.2 Kwh 7.2 $ 500 Kg 25.5 Kwh 11 $ 1180 Kg 39.6 Kwh 15 $ 1200 Kg 55 Kwh   Since they do separate the gasses during production, it is possible to store the gasses for future use in separate storage bottles. Oxygen and hydrogen ratios can be varied depending on user's choice and oxygen bottles can be entirely eliminated when cutting ferris materials.   They also have advanced gas drying techniques for users that need dry and pure gas.   
  American Hydrogen Association    
  This type of technology can eliminate the need for oxygen bottles. (not active)    
NOTE:   The problem with skeptics is finding honest ones. Most skeptics base their opinions on 'facts' learned in traditional training, which is ALWAYS behind leading innovation. An honest skeptic will learn about the new technology, to protect their own credibility, then make an informed statement. We list skeptics here whether they are honest or not, so you can get a rounded, informed picture; seeing what the issues and concerns are.   There are Myths to dispel, but there are also some serious applications to which BG is clearly superior. I appreciate when skeptics help prevent fraud. I don't appreciate when they either don't fully explore the technology and/or simply don't report the advantages with the disadvantages. In my opinion, this is as bad as the frauds, hurting the general public by NOT providing them with information that is needed to make an informed decision.   Honest skeptics are useful in that they bring up issues that need addressing, often finding a flaw before too much investment is made in a new technology. In the end, a technology that satisfies customers will survive in the marketplace regardless of what skeptics say.   Traditionally, once an innovative technology is established in the marketplace, the skeptics stop denying it's practicality and scientists get funding do studies to show why it works. The bottom line is that it's our job as innovators to satisfy our customers.   Eric Krieg Eric Krieg presents all sides of the Brown's Gas issue; mostly without personal comment.     Don Lancaster He has lots of comment about BG, you can search for Brown's Gas on his site. Don Lancaster is generally an excellent skeptic and I respect his knowledge and integrity. However, he is making judgments and comments about BG based on traditional knowledge, not having fully explored the innovations developed at Eagle-Research. Mr. Lancaster states that it is the innovator's responsibility to prove the new technology works as claimed. We state that once proven (as we have done), it is the skeptic's responsibility to change his reporting to accurately reflect current technology; particularly how we differ from both traditional technology and other BG manufacturers.
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